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    If you agree to the offer, we’ll arrange a closing with a reputable attorney and your home will be sold. It’s really that easy. We’ll work on your timeline and take care of all of the details for you. All you have to do is show up, and sign the paperwork, and you’ll receive your cash within hours.

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    Sell your house quickly without the hassle of making repairs, dealing with real estate agents, or going through months of uncertainty. Contact us through our contact form or call us.

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    Sell Your House

    Our team of home buying specialists buys houses in any condition in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania. No fees, repairs, or realtors will be required. We will buy it in its current condition and you can collect cash right on spot. From us, you will get the best value for your property.

    About Us

    We Buy Houses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania. Millennial Home Sales team is a network of investors and professionals from across the United States.

    We strive to help all our clients sell their property as fast as possible without the hassle of talking to realtors and scheduling open houses.

    If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house is, want an all-cash AS-IS offer, or just want to learn more about us please don’t hesitate to 646-598-4918. If we can’t come to terms on purchasing your house we can still help you get your house sold.

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    Best Situations To Sell Home
    Without A Realtor Listing

    1. Do you own unwanted property?

    If you own an heirloom property or a damaged house and want to sell it, we have the best deal for you! By selling the property to us, you can earn more money that you can use in the future.

    2. Do you own property under foreclosure?

    Don’t worry! We make quick and fast buying decisions so you can sell your property under foreclosure fast. We buy houses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

    3. Do you own a vacant property?

    Need to sell a vacant property or home? Sell the property to us without going through the hassles of talking to a realtor or repairing and cleaning it thoroughly.

    4. Do you need to relocate and you need to sell your home quickly?

    One of the main reasons why people want to sell their property quickly is because they want to relocate. We will buy your house as-is with a Fast and Fair Cash Offer, and no repairs.

    5. Are you going through a divorce?

    One of the options you have to deal with your property during a divorce is to sell it and divide the proceeds. By Choosing us we can make the process easier.

    6. Do you have little to no equity and need to sell quickly?

    Despite a lack of equity, you still have the option to sell it with our professional help.

    7. Do you have mold or termite damage?

    Mold or termites are the main reason to damage the structure of your home. But, if the infestation is out of control and there is no solution to this, selling your house is better. Contact us for further details.

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